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We are a totally grassroots organization, working together to provide this family friendly event.  We appreciate your patience as we respond to your inquiry.  

95 Linden St
Oakland, CA, 94607
United States


The Jamaican Jerk Cook Off Festival & Fundraiser is a family-friendly event benefiting My Yute Soccer.  Funds raised allow the My Yute Soccer team to continue providing free soccer camps and a teen mentor program for the general public.  

Sweet Treats

The following collection of local entrepreneurs celebrates community, healthy foods, and social entrepreneurship. 20% of their sales at the Jamaican Jerk Cook Off are earmarked for My Yute Soccer programs and initiatives.

Free tastings of Yardie Cakes and Peak Yogurt are included in the Jerk Unlimited Ticket Option.

Yardie Cakes

Yardie Cakes

Led by founder and CEO, Akins Van Horne, Yardie Cakes sells authentic Jamaican Rum Cake online.

Inspiration for Cake? There is nothing like pairing your delicious main course (Jerk), with the sweet and moist flavors of a Jamaican rum cupcake. We want you to experience a wide range of island flavors - even the sweet ones. 

The Yardie Cakes team hopes you enjoy the sweet, moist cakes as much as Akins's two young boys have.

The Oakland Chocolate Company provides high quality, delicious chocolates while also serving as a model, worker-owned cooperative whose farmer members in the Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, are linked to the candy makers in Oakland. 

We aspire to help Jamaican small farmers get a better price for their beans through the formation of the Jamaican Cocoa Farmers Association and any other methods that pay the farmer fairly for his/her products.


Stop by the Peak Yogurt booth and get TRIPLE CREAMED with their deliciously creamy organic yogurts that will help take the heat off that spicy chicken! Peak Yogurt is a tiny, 2-person company based in San Francisco, that cares deeply about nutrition and health.  

Try the vanilla or strawberry for a dessert that's low in sugar and we promise you won't be disappointed.