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We are a totally grassroots organization, working together to provide this family friendly event.  We appreciate your patience as we respond to your inquiry.  

95 Linden St
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The Jamaican Jerk Cook Off Festival & Fundraiser is a family-friendly event benefiting My Yute Soccer.  Funds raised allow the My Yute Soccer team to continue providing free soccer camps and a teen mentor program for the general public.  

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Sepak Takraw


Introduced by Jeremy Mirken, Sepak Takraw of USA, Inc. Board Member, the 7th Annual Jamaican Jerk Cook Off will host a Sepaktakraw tournament featuring a mix of current and former USA National team members, local players, and western regional players. We look forward to seeing the best of the  California teams in action! 

Often described as a spectacular blend of volleyball, football, martial arts and gymnastics, Sepaktakraw is, in reality, a sport unlike any other.  Astonishingly visceral and explosive, it is, at the elite level, one of the toughest games in the world.  Demanding lightning reflexes, precise control and fearless, gravity-defying leaps, Sepaktakraw delivers some of the most intense sporting action.            -