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We are a totally grassroots organization, working together to provide this family friendly event.  We appreciate your patience as we respond to your inquiry.  

95 Linden St
Oakland, CA, 94607
United States


The Jamaican Jerk Cook Off Festival & Fundraiser is a family-friendly event benefiting My Yute Soccer.  Funds raised allow the My Yute Soccer team to continue providing free soccer camps and a teen mentor program for the general public.  

Craft Brews 2017


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Ale Industries

Ale Industries

We pioneer brewing technologies to save energy and reduce waste because we understand that investing in the environment will nurture the communities we care about, allowing them to flourish and grow. Oakland, California is our home, where we aim to foster connections with our neighbors and friends.
41 Hills Brewing Co.

41 Hills Brewing Co.

Enriching the community is the singular goal of 47 Hills Brewing Company. We cherish our employees and customers and create the most balanced and interesting beers we can by using innovative brewing traditions and environmentally sensible practices.

47 Hills Brewing Company is the only large-scale production brewery and tap room in South San Francisco.

Line 51 Beer

Line 51 Beer


From the Basement to Broadway.

Each beer is born in a basement near Broadway. Proudly mass-produced at Tied House Brewery in Mountain View. Self-distributed out of American Steel Studios in West Oakland.

Line 51 beer is now pouring at select stops in Oakland, Alameda, and Berkeley.

Line 51 encourages the use of public transportation as a safe alternative to drinking and driving.